Suzanne & Aaron, Temple Emanu-El & Fairmont Hotel San Francisco


Love begins with one hello, with one smile, with one look into someone’s eyes. A dance begins…love has taken flight on a journey where fear has no place to exist, where two souls find peace and joy within the comfort and warmth of each other. Suzanne and Aaron walked 
into each others world…not sure 
what they were supposed to do
, sometimes lost 
in this world of worlds 
until the day they realized
 the true purpose of life… Love. 

Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way. No matter the distance between their worlds there exists a time and a place where they found peace and happiness as one.

 It’s always about the smaller things in life…bigger, better things naturally follow. The smaller things in life are always the most beautiful and rewarding. This is the making of the beautiful and mindful couple I had the pleasure to work with…and they will walk courageously and joyously into the uncertainties of this world knowing that their love shines into daybreak from the night’s glow…their Light together burning bright for all of eternity.

Vendor credit:
Wedding planner: Dandelion Events
Florist: Ornamento
Band: Hip Service

Videographer: Justin Fone & Associates
Photo Booth: Photomatica
Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Dolls
Cake: Susie Cakes