My walk-sit-stand workstation!

I just finished setting up my new walk-sit workstation and wanted to share with you what I have done! As many of you might expect, photographers spend a lot of time siting at their desk editing digital photos. I have traditionally sat for as many as 6-7 hours per day – sometimes even longer when I have a deadline.  Even though I try to go out and take a short walk to break up the day, we humans were just not designed to be sitting all the time. Most of us who work on computers for a living surely feel my pain. One day I saw a cool article written by Chris Kresser about his walking computer desk.  I had to try it – my workstation is pictured below.  See his original article here.

This is how it looks when I’m standing and working.

01The monitor arm swivels up and down and the desk raises and lowers.  Below is an arm from Innovative and I bought it here. I can move my monitor to wherever I want it to super easily! The buttons along the lower lip of the desk control the height.  Beneath the desk is a treadmill from TreadDesk as pictured below.  I am about 200 words into this blog post and 1000 meters. 🙂

07 copy


Our bodies are designed to walk slowly most of the time – not sitting or standing for long hours. At about a mile per hour speed, I can type pretty easily. When our bodies are moving, more blood flows to the brain and you get better mental clarity. No wonder so many authors wrote their best-selling books entirely on the treadmill! My new morning workout ritual has been a powerwalk at the maximum speed while I work on basic correspondence with friends, family and business contacts.  

Because I also need to be able to occasionally work at very focused visual tasks, I also can move the swivel arm to my sitting desk.  You can see that configuration here.  So when I want to do some skin retouching (which I do all the time!), the desk comes down to my sitting desk level and I swing over my monitor.  I use a vertical mouse from Evoluent, which has saved my hand! I strongly recommend it to anyone who has to hold a mouse for hours every day.

Well, I am just about done with my post and am up to about a mile.  I feel great and hope that you can enjoy my work even more knowing how it was created.  Let me know how you set up your workstation by commenting below. Cheers!