We are in the middle of the magical season for our beautiful couples to be wed. The sun finally begins to smile with warmth again, filling their hearts with brighter days to come. I had the honor to photograph the engagement sessions with our beautiful couples early this summer, as their marriage came to be.

 The engagement albums created are guest books at the same time; they are special to me, special to our couples, and very special to their families and guests. Such beautiful memories framed on rich beautiful leather bound albums, with beautiful words and wishes from family and dear friends… a true treasure to last for a lifetime.   xoxo…



Jasmine Wang Photography Engagement albums

There’s no place quite like New York…the city that never sleeps, the myriad of neighborhoods that bustle with endless energy and fascination, the people that blanket the streets with culture and reality, the story of a little town boy and girl that meet and discover their best friend is now theirs to keep.

Summer time in New York is a love story all its own…Central Park, SOHO, The Village, The West Side, the amazing skyline from the River Cafe…romance takes hold as the warm breeze whisks through Jacqueline’s and Michael’s hearts and take flight to begin a new life safe within the keeping of each others love…take my hand and smile with me.

“My mamma always said life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get”…

Cheers to a sweet life!
xoxo, Jasmine

Just got Sheila & Shaun’s wedding album in studio today! I love it so much… share a few pages with you…

Paulette Dance Studio albums – Paulette is still my most beautiful dancer, the photo session with her was one of the most memorable…

Alexis and Josh wedding album: Akari and Ken Wedding album – a beautiful couple with splash of gold tone… Love this wedding… 

An intimate and romantic summer wedding with the backdrop of the beautiful coastal shores of the Oceana Hotel in Half Moon Bay. Nicole and Eric celebrate their special day embracing the pure and innocent charm of simple love…love that transcends the spirit in which two people step forward as one into the hearts of each other; strengthened softly by the tenderness of a gentle touch, and open to the harmony and peace of a blessed life. Just what the doctor ordered…Cheers!

Vendor credit:
Flowers: Leila Simms- Half Moon Flowers
Hair & Makeup: AQUA Beauty Lounge
Bride:   Priscilla of Boston
Groom:  Hugo Boss
Rings:  Shane Co.
Cake:  Studio Cake
Coordinator:  Nancy Nerhan- Oceano Hotel
Music:  Golden State Productions- Patrick Numair
Videographer:  J Chan Digital- Jonathan Chan

Love like water…flowing naturally in the direction life intended, while reflecting everything it encounters. That is the amazing wonder of my beautiful couple Jennifer and Edward. Their paths, similar in many ways, found each other open to the magic and grace that lives within their loving hearts and souls.

Like water, the miracle of love covers everything it touches, embracing it freely and completely. Thier eyes reflect their playful and joyous spirits, soften to embrace and celebrate the gift of a life shared as one… 

In the season of new beginnings of life, love calls to Lilly & Bryan to surrender to its natural process they cannot see, and behold…their life together begins to magically blossom with the light, warmth & colors of Spring… Like a sprinkle of sunlight on the water’s edge, a whisper of Heaven’s beauty shines across a sea of hopes and desires, and my beautiful couple sets sail into a new world filled with wonder …

Vendor Credit:
Dress: Allure     Florist: Lily Chan     Ring: Cartier     Makeup Artist: Jasmine Chan    Lien: Napa Valley Linens   Cake: Elegant Cheesecakes
Caterer: Westin St. Francis     Coordinator: Lauren Schardt at the Westin

Welcome Spring with joy and love…a new leaf unfolds in a garden of wonder created by my beautiful couple Beth and James. A new world to see with the eyes of purity and innocence…born of light to grace life in an angel named Nathan.

February 19th, 2013
9 LB 15 oz
Love and Smile…

Fields of pinks and reds color the sky like blossoms of love softly falling from heaven

The air is scented with sweet seduction as Lilly and Bryan find their hearts at peace within the embrace and comfort of each other 

The season of new beginnings has arrived for love to take flight on their journey in life together, side by side…

of love and splendor… xoxo

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season to wish well to all, to give thanks for the blessings that are bestowed upon us, to welcome and embrace the gifts of love, and to rejoice and celebrate throughout this new and joyous year.

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time. As the fireplace crackles with its glowing warmth, the tree twinkling in lights, scrumptious scents filling the air… under the mistletoe and holly, an endearing friendship of a very special and dear one glows
 in the winter snows…so let’s be jolly and merry this day to give thanks and cheer.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
 the gladness of Christmas give you hope,
 and the warmth of Christmas grant you love.

Happy Holidays & A Blessed New Year to you, and your family!

Jasmine xoxo

A touching and romantic wedding by the sea…waves softly caressing the shores of two souls, Dominique and Matt, warmed by the gentle rays of the sun as they begin new lives within themselves, brought together by fate and sweet memories of times before. Standing upon the solitude of everything this union becomes illuminated and confirmed within the fiery shadows of the moon, and the pure serenity within our souls.

When I heard Matt proclaim “I DO” with such affirmation I knew that behind his image, below his words, above his thoughts, the peace of another world welcomes to bless the beauty and love that is Dominique.

The heart unlocks only for the one that possesses the key…this very special key to life and love deep within. Dominique and Matt have no keys, for there are no doors to unlock that keep their hearts apart. Like flowers need rain and sun to blossom and flourish as each day passes, Love needs to be nurtured. They both give to each other the food of Life, the Light of Love…and upon their lips, they place their hearts disguised as a kiss. In their eyes are their dreams. In their dreams they are never alone immersed in the depths of their passionate souls.

It will be a beautiful and magical life simply because you get to start each morning living your dreams embraced in love and adventure together as one…

Jasmine xoxo


Each day I am given a gift, a new opportunity to embrace and share life and love, and become just a little more aware of this beautiful and overwhelming sense of gratitude that resides deep inside me.  Grateful for the privilege of witnessing my beloved couples’ exquisite wedding, being a part of a very special moment of their lives, and creating beautiful images to capture this once in a life time event in my own artistic way. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and have the most romantic job in the world. Perhaps this gift to discover a passion in my life and the passion in others is a blessing in disguise. How fortunate I am…?

So, I lift my head up to the sky, feeling the radiance and warmth of a heavenly presence whispering that today will be like no other, and tomorrow it shall all happen again. And, I will rejoice just a little bit more than I do today.

I have a few new albums to unveil and share…Enjoy my dear friends.

Adrienne & Benjamin, ceremony and reception at the Landmark Art Center Tiburon:

And Elaine & Rubin, ceremony and reception at the Westin St. Francis, San Francisco:

Mahsa & Michael, A beautiful wedding at City Hall: 

Sonja & Adam, Grace Cathedral, Fairmont Hotel and St. Francis Yacht Club:

Tina & Alex, Ceremony and Reception at Thomas Estates, an Indian Wedding – it has been published here

So much love, xoxo Jasmine