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Sunny & Barney – “This is how we really are!” | engagement session

Sunny and Barney crack me up! They were one of the couples I “fell in love” with instantly when I met them, so funny… anyhow, on the engagement session day, Barney had to have a few shots before he could get into the mood of love… I could not stop laughing when shooting and editing their photos… every couple is different, and Sunny and Barney are full of fun in a different way… after a while I stopped telling them what to do and the true them came out…  

Sunny and Barney made this cool video:


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Suzie and Matt – San Francisco Engagement Session

Suzie and Matt are not only the hottest couple, but also have the cutest love story. here is Suzie’s version of it:

East meets west. I traveled across country in search of adventure but little did I know I would meet the love of my life. He was the manager of the building I moved into!! We had a “round 1″ of dating but Matt was not ready for a serious relationship. 10 months went by…..and he hoped it was not too late. After all, he had never stopped thinking about me. When he asked for a chance, I could not say no. He was always my one true love and I knew it. We moved in together 6 months later. On 8/8/08, he proposed in my old apartment where we had first met. He had kept the apartment vacant for months explicitly for that purpose. ;-) We celebrated with champagne on the roof of our buidling overlooking the GG bridge. It’s been blissful ever since…





















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Kim & Dan Engagement session | Somewhere In San Francisco…

Let it flow and tell you Kim and Dan’s story – As you can see, their love started to brew in Madeleine Chocolate… Kim’s going to have a beautiful song to sing along the photos to tell their love story… will keep you updated on that!

Dan and Kim met on a cold January day while standing in line at the downtown San Francisco patisserie Café Madeleine. Kim had just returned from safari in Botswana, so she was on the lookout for alligators, not litigators. Dan was about to go to trial in Detroit for two months, and was ostensibly taking a lunch break – but turned out to be on the hunt himself.

The next day, they rendezvoused for dinner at Bix, a chic restaurant hidden in a dark alley near the financial district. By the end of their second date, across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, Dan had captured Kim’s heart for good.

This is the story of their San Francisco love affair.


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Paul loves Marie | The Sweetest Loving couple | Engagement session |San Francisco

We first went to Legion of Honor for the e session as it was Paul and Marie’s first date location, then Deyoung Museum – where the second date was… “As you can see, we were quite into museums!” I looked at Paul; he had his eyes on Marie with a big smile and so much love written on his face. I said, “That was impressive! I have to make sure only date guys who would take me to the museums…!”

We then went to Japanese Tea Garden right nearby and then ran to Cliff House for the breathtaking sunset on the beach… I was truly thankful to have the opportunity to see such beautiful scene…















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Kay & Mike | Engagement Session, San Francisco


Kay and Mike are soon getting married! They have been waiting for the “perfect weather” for the engagement session in the past 5 months. “The perfect weather” might not really exist – we figured when we get the perfect photos, the day would be just perfect.

How many of us are perfect? My dear friends, when we have to seriously count our flaws, the list can be pretty long… One can say being truly lucky to be able to find the right person in a life time. The right one is the perfect one – that’s what Kay and Mike have found in each other, the “perfect one” ….

Kay and Mike and getting married at Trinity Episcopal San Francisco and the reception will be at Legendary Palace in Oakland. 














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Ann Arbor Michigan – Meghan and Rich’s U of M Engagement session

I was fortunate to have lived in Ann Arbor Michigan for a couple of years before living in San Francisco Bay area. It was Ann Arbor where I went to see the concerts from world famous musicians, independent movies, and continued my opera singing practice by being a part of Handel’s Messiah each year.  It was a nostalgic trip that brought back fond memories of this charming town.

Meghan and Rich are getting married in the Matthaei Botanical Garden of University of Michigan and reception is at St. John’s Hotel.

University of Michigan Law School

University of Michigan, Angel Hall

Michigan Theatre, State Street

Nicolas Arcade


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From San Francisco to Seattle – Michael & Sergio

Michael and Sergio became one of my favorite couples the first time I heard their story. In the past 13 years, from San Francisco bay area to Seattle, they have always been there for each other. Sergio told me: “when I was in bed fighting with Leukemia, I reached out for his hands – I was so happy to have him close to me.” It has been 13 years! Finally, they are getting married… Congratulations, Michael and Sergio!

The next day while I was in Seattle, I was invited to Michael and Sergio’s new house. It was such a beautiful house! On the top floor, we all sat there in awe, admiring the Seattle skyline at night, so beautiful… Sergio told me: “Jasmine, you are an angel with 2 wings”…They made me promise the next time I’m in town I have to stay in their house…

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Hey you! – When Ted met Teresa…

When Ted met Teresa, he looked in a bad shape: ”hi Teresa, nice to meet you, may I use your bathroom?” That was after an hour long frustration waiting at the airport for each other at the wrong terminals.

Fun, fun, fun! That was how this session went. By the time we went to the last location – San Francisco MOMA and Yerba Buena Center, it was dark. Time flies! While Ted was talking about Man Ray, I was raving about Richard Avedon and Irving Penn; and poor Teresa was listening to our “bullshit artist talk” and driving us to the beach. Oh we also talked about the famous pastry…

The next day morning, Ted and Teresa showed up at my door again, with the pastry in their hands  - they got breakfast for me! “We just found an excuse to see you again” …That was the sweetest thing ever! Later in the afternoon, they flew back to LA, where they work and live, but we have set up a “date” to meet again soon.

Ted and Teresa are getting married at Palace Hotel San Francisco, Oct 18th, 2008.

PS: now they are married in the beautiful Palace Hotel! Click here to see the wedding day photo post …


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Starbucks, Where Romance Began To Brew – Kim and Eli’s Engagement, San Francisco

Starbucks on 9th street San Francisco was where Kim and Eli met for the first date. It was right before Kim went to the gym, sitting in the café and reading her book, she immediately attracted Eli’s attention. 2 tables away, Eli was secretly checking her out. He found a perfect topic to start his conversation: “oh…I think I have seen you in UCSF campus…” Much later, Eli admitted, he followed Kim walked into Starbucks…

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Nicole & Adam – Our Engagement San Francisco

Many people do not realize, summer of San Francisco can be windy and chilly. Since we are going to have more and more couples coming in this beautiful city for their engagement sessions, (we will have couples from San Diego, Michigan and Chicago for their pictures taken here!) I started to give advise – bring a jacket with you.

On the day of Nicole and Adam’s engagement session, it was cold. She had this beautiful little sunny dress, but could not stop shaking. Adam was so sweet, tried hold her and warm her up at all time. Photos turned out great. At the end, just before we got into the car, Nicole said: “this is an experience that I will never forget! We are so lucky to find you!” That was my biggest reward – it absolutely made my day.

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