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Sheryll & Marlon | Engagement session

I have a deep love for blue ocean and blue sky. Maybe that was the reason I chose to move to San Francisco many years ago? It has been fogy, cold and not so much blue lately, when I see these images they put smile on my face.

Sheryll and Marlon came to meet with me and booked me over a year ago. I loved them from the first sight I saw both of them! it’s been a long time since I have been thinking what the photos will turn out for them and now they are on my blog. I look forward to the big day!

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Heather & Sean | Engagement session | Family Portrait | San Francisco

Heather first met Sean when she was 14. Two young kids were in love – then chased their dreams separately. She showed me a picture of Sean when he was really young, I saw a young blonde handsome half naked dude in the photo. Wow! I yelled out loud. Where did the time go? I looked at them smiling to each other in such peaceful way, then I realized – whatever happened in the past didn’t not matter – what matters is now, they are now together.

Blessings to you, my dear friends… I look forward to capture more beautiful images on your wedding day.

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Wendy & Herman | Engagement session |In the mood for Mahjong

Herman watched youtube clips before he proposed – the crime scene was set on the ocean beach close to cliff house where the marathon ends, Wendy was going to run the marathon that day and he was planning to propose right after she reached the destination. Thank god there’s youtube! In a movie clip a guy attempt to propose when the poor girl was totally out of breath after running the marathon, she creamed:”no, not here!!!” uh-oh – that’s a bad idea! Herman recomposed the scene to the beach nearby – rose petals had to be in the picture, gave her some time to breath and rest, then proposed with one knee down – result… Wendy said: “you are finally doing it!”…total success.

It was Wendy first send a love note to Herman during class when they were both in high school, and it was Wendy who also broke up with him. 20 years has past, they completely lost contact. When they somehow reconnect, it was freaky – without meeting each other in person, here are the questions back and forth: “Which high school did you go to?””uh…Mission High…why? “Herman Ma!” “Woo, how do you know my last name?” … so after 20 years, their love story continued…

At the of their engagement session, Herman said to Wendy: you are so beautiful, I would propose again if I didn’t…

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Lily & Andreas | Engagement session |San Francisco, Sausalito

Lily and Andreas met each other for the first time over 10 years ago. Under the wrong impression that Andreas was engaged with someone else, every time Lily met Andreas she was wondering where was his significant other…? Not until much later, they realized there wasn’t such a person, hence romance began…

In the movie Julia and Julie, Julia Child asked her husband Paul: “what if you didn’t fall in love with me?” Paul said” but I did…” and here came all the stories happened in Paris and a birth of one of the greatest French cook books in the American history. There are way too many what ifs around us, I don’t know about you, I constantly ask myself the what ifs – some are way too silly, like – what if I never became a photographer… what if I never lived in San Francisco… I started to believe everything happens for a very good reason and meant to be. And like many other things that are meant to be, after all of these years missing each other, Lily and Andreas did fall in love… The wedding is going to be at the beautiful Oceano Hotel at Half Moon Bay, like a fairy tale finally comes true…

I look forward to the big day, Lily and Andreas… xoxo, Jasmine

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J & D | Engagement session | Berkeley, Albany, and somewhere on the way in between…

One warm afternoon in Berkeley; I was sitting  in the car while D was driving us around town – I looked (and felt) like a tourist. Suddenly I saw something and randomly screamed: stop, stop please… can I take some photos here? Totally random places. I must have sounded absurd… although it must be hard for J & D to understand why I wanted to photograph them in front of a white wall; they were so patient with me, stopped and posed for me…

Impressionism is coming to town at the end of this month to our favorite DeYoung, it’s time to make a few water lily “Monet like” photos! Albany landfill was one of the coolest places I have ever photographed, thanks J for introducing it to me!

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Jennifer & Eddie | Engagement session |San Francisco, Baker Beach, Treasure Island

Both Eddie and I agree that Jennifer is not only beautiful, but also strong and determined. She made things happen… the photo session was canceled due to weather; we somehow made it work when it stopped raining in the afternoon, although it was windy and freezing at Treasure Island. She was shaking but fearless in the wind… Love, was deeply rooted in her heart, to keep her warm, loving, strong and fearless… it shows so clearly in the photos… a love relationship requires two people to make it happen, and there are always so much more than what we can see on the surface. I was honored to experience such level of love, and was in hope capturing such beautiful connection in my images… thanks for spending this beautiful afternoon with me.


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Rudy & Tina |Engagement session | San Francisco

Dear Rudy and Tina,

You two put smile on my face – when I look at your photographs, they way you two look and smile at each other, the way Rudy opens the door for Tina always, the way Tina gently flips Rudy’s shirt collar… there’s so much love cannot be hidden…

25 years… you have been together sharing all the beautiful memories in life. We shared this sunny afternoon together, to you it’s a tiny fragment of time in life, to me is a beautiful experience for such deep, peaceful love – the love you share with each other and people around you…

May many more 25 years to come, Tina & Rudy…

Love, Jasmine

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Sharon & Viresh | Engagement session San Francisco

To my dear friends Sharon and Viresh,

I created these images for you, and for my heart. I hope they tell how much I love both of you. You two are so worldly, hard working, cultured, successful, the long list of good quality I see in you can go on and on… If it wasn’t because of your wedding, our life paths might never go cross even though we live only a few blocks away. As young couple as you are, who would expect that you have been more than 50 countries in the world so far? Who would expect one sunny afternoon, both of you appeared in my office, decided to share a journey with me for your wedding in South Africa?

And Sharon, we have shared so many moments in such short period time that I feel I have known you for so long… I see so much love in you, to Viresh, to people around you and to this beautiful world… I hope to share much longer friendship with both of you.

Much love, Jasmine

Sharon and Viresh engagement session photos

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Monique & Raymond | engagement session

Monique and Raymond were married in the city hall a few months ago. Yet there will be a grandeur wedding and this cute “engagement session” got all of us into the mood… Monique, Raymond and I ended up hanging out in a Chinese restaurant. After we were fed, photo session continued… the restaurant is right in their photos as background, so I know exactly which one we went to despite the fact that I get lost in Chinatown every time. And thanks for the quick bite, Monique and Raymond! I loved spending time with you, driving around, chatting, and photographing. 

monique&raymond01monique&raymond02monique&raymond03monique&raymond04monique&raymond14monique&raymond05monique&raymond06monique&raymond07monique&raymond08monique&raymond09monique&raymond10monique&raymond15monique&raymond16monique&raymond17monique&raymond11monique&raymond12Monique & Raymond Engagement session. ©Jasmine Wang Photography

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Ivory & Laurence | San Francisco Engagement session

My dearest friends Ivory and Laurence,

You both are loving, caring and so fun to be around – you are dearly to me like no other. Thanks for showing me around your part of town, romantic diner and ride in your cute red Mercedes – and I treasure every fun moment hanging out with you. Hope you like the images I created for you…



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Love me as who I am |Gena & Isaac Engagement session


For over 10 years, Gena and Isaac’s friendship ever ends… they never lose each other as best friends, much later on, as Gena was gone for China for over a year, Isaac realized his love for Gena. For someone like me who have traveled from continent to continent multiple times – friends 10 years ago are just about half an earth away – this is truly incredible. Upon her return, Isaac gave her a scrapbook with photos of them of the past 10 years …


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Cindy & David | Engagement session | San Francisco

Cindy and David, you put smile on my face. You two are so young, energetic, loving, and so much fun. I love how the photos turned out, thanks for sharing the afternoon with me, in one of my favorite part of the worldCindy&david01Cindy&david02Cindy&david04





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Mr. and Mrs. Delgado to be – Rocio and Nick | Engagement session

On the day Nick proposed, he took Rocio to see the show “Teatro ZinZanni”. Nick told Rocio that he got a “small gift” for her, while the whole day he was super nervous and abnormal. Later on, with 2 dozens of roses, all family members present and videotaping, Nick kneeled down with a ring in his hand – how could Rocio resist?

I was like “awwww….”when I heard this – such a romantic scene! Who would say no… !when we were driving in the car on the e session day, Nick drove with one hand and the other hand holding Rocio at the whole time… I was like “awwwww….” again…

Well, the wedding will be at the Kohl Mansion. Will be a collaboration with the wonderful planner and designer Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini from MB wedding design. Congratulations to Rocio and Nick, look forward to your big day…















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Stefanie & Rudy | Engagement session | Muir woods, Baker beach

I love going to places where I haven’t been and creating unique look photos for my beloved couples. Stephanie and Rudy had their first date at Davy’s Hall, though although we paid for the tickets we were not able to take photos inside – well, we got a good one in the hall way before we got in! Ta-dah… and lots of smile at Muir woods by the big trees…

Stefanie and Rudy are having their wedding at CASA REAL at Ruby Hill. Will work with the wonderful planner Janet Lash from the AVSO events. Will be a beautiful day… look forward to it!



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Susana & David |Engagement session

It was in the colorful Mission District, San Francisco, where Susana and David took me to have their engagement session done. We also went to China beach with the Golden Gate Bridge as the back ground, though thought these are far more original.


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